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Grow your own cut flower garden this summer!

We know many of your are experienced gardeners, so we thought we would offer our specialty flower shops plugs for you to grow in your own garden.

This DIY garden will fill a 4x10 raised bed (or mix into your other beds as you please) and includes all the ingredients to make well balanced and beautiful bouquets. The majority of the these flowers are cut and come again- which means the more you cut, the more they bloom!

Cut Flower Garden

  • You will receive 12 reusable 6-packs and a bottom tray of both annual and perennial flowers that you won’t find at the garden center. This years list (subject to change)

    Nigella (A) Calendula (A) Zinnia (A) Snapdragon (A) Marigolds (A) Cosmos (A) Zinnias (A) Rudbeckia (P) sweet peas (A) Larkspur (A) Lisianthus (A) Monarda (A) Paper Daisy (A)

    A=annual P=perennial

  • Return 6 packs and bottom tray for a $30 RHF credit, good for any product we offer.

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